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My smartboard is not responding to touch when it was previously working?
Last Updated 3 years ago

If you find that you are unable to write on your smartboard this is generally an easy fix. First, check if there is a light on your smartboard, if it is Red that means it is powered but is not making the connection with the computer. In this case, just trace the cord from the smartboard to your computer and disconnect it for a couple seconds and reconnect it. If the light is Green and/or flashing and it is still not writing, then check the orientation. This is done by pressing and holding the two buttons on the Smartboard tray. If the orient screen does not come up, press it again and it should now display on your smartboard. If there is no light at all on yoursmartboard then it has been disconnected from power somehow, and check all the cords from the smartboard to the wall. When all else fails, most of the time as long as the light is Green a simple restart can fix the smartboard. Also if your smartboard seems to get disconnected frequently, please check to see fi your smartboard is plugged into the USB Hub on your laptop. If so, feel free to remove it from the Hub and connect it directly to your computer to prevent future disconnects. 

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